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Tips to Keep Your Unmanaged Dedicated Server Secure

When you have a website with huge traffic, you can often experience issues with the bandwidth speeds. It is especially true when you are on a shared hosting. Low bandwidths will slow your site down. If you have been experiencing such issues, you can opt for an unmanaged Netherlands server. You will be managing your host server. You get to choose your operating system, hardware, and security protocols. Furthermore, the dedicated server gives you a lot of bandwidth and better performance.

  • For an unmanaged server, you have to generate the SSL certificate.
  • There are many applications you can choose to install the SSL certificate.
  • It is not only the SSL certificate, you will have to take care of security and ensure your data remains safe.

When you choose a dedicated hosting, you can go for either managed or unmanaged server. A managed server gives you a dedicated box but with reduced operational overhead and complexity. Unmanaged servers allow you to control the hardware, software, and network resources on your server. You will be the one responsible for installing all the needed software. Some of the things you need to do is install the security certificate (SSL). If you are just getting started with your unmanaged server, here are a few ways to go about it.

Having your own server gives you the option of managing your server. You get to choose a team that will do all the management. An unmanaged server is suitable when you have tech support. Having the right tips will help you to effectively manage you server. Managing your server can be the tricky part, but here are a few tips that will help you manage the dedicated server without any issues

Disable root user login

Root user login can cause trouble for your server. The root user can execute any command because of its unlimited privileges. The only way you can prevent such from happening is by preventing unauthorized root level access to the server. Make sure you disable the root user login and use the limited admin account.

Using your limited admin account will ensure that you are always safe when accessing your server.

Set up a server firewall

The other to be safe is by using a firewall. If you are on a managed server, the company you hire will ensure there is a firewall. However, with an unmanaged server, you have to take care of the firewall.

  • A firewall is a vital security option that helps keep your server safe.
  • You can use the firewall to block public access to a particular service.
  • You can choose to permit connections for ports used by POP3, FTP, SMTP, and IMAP protocols.
  • You can also leave other protocols you prefer apart from these.

Antivirus protection

Antivirus software helps you keep away security threats. Look for a reliable antivirus solution to keep your cheap unmanaged dedicated server Netherlands secure.

Good antivirus software will help you protect your server from malicious threats, viruses, Trojans and other malware.

Once the scan is complete, you get the report to your email address.

Enable the real time application security monitoring

There are many real time monitoring solutions that you can choose from to keep your server secure.  Look for one that is easy to install and allow you to get HTTPs traffic visibility.

The real time monitoring solution should also enable you to implement advanced protections.

The advanced protection will protect your dedicated server from any security threats.

Strong passwords

One of the ways you can secure your server is by having in place a strong password.

    • A good password minimizes the exposure to attacks.
    • To be on the safe side, make sure your password is at least ten characters long.
  • It should also be a combination of uppercase letters, lower case letters, special characters and numbers.

Your password should not contain common words or information that is personally identifiable.

Once you obtain your Unmanaged dedicated server, everything falls on you in terms of management. You have to put security as your number priority. There are many ways you can use to ensure your Unmanaged server is secure. It is necessary that you take care of you personal data. Let’s look at the ways to maintain high security levels for your Unmanaged dedicated server.

Brute force attack can get you when you least expect it. Therefore, it is important to always be a step ahead. Having in place intrusion software will keep your server safe from brute force attacks. The software bans IPS and scans log files that try to log in to your server too many times. You will not have to be worried anyone forcefully accessing your site.

There are always new threats that you have to keep at bay. You can do that by updating your server. It is crucial that you keep your software up to date. When you have unmanaged dedicated server, you have to do everything and that includes updating your software. Having up to date software is the biggest security precaution for your server. The software updates can vulnerability patches and even minor bug fixes. You can save time by setting automatic updates.

If you have obtained unmanaged dedicated server Netherlands, you can keep it safe by following the above tips.

Rootkits can be a security threat to your server. Luckily, there is something you can do about them. A rootkit scanner will come in handy to to improve your security. You can keep your server secure by using a rootkit scanner. The scanner allows you to scan your server for rootkits and backdoors. You will get a report through your email.